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Microsoft on AI regulation

Microsoft has urged US lawmakers to regulate the use of facial recognition software.

The company - which has been under fire for a US government contract said to involve such artificial intelligence - has spoken out about what needs to be done to prevent aabuse of the technology.

Microsoft's president and chief legal officer Brad Smith wrote in a blogg post: "The only effective way to manage the use of technology by a government is for the government proactively to manage this use itself.

"And if there are concerns about how a technology will be deployed more broadly across society, the only way to regulate this broad use is for the government to do so.

"This in fact is what we believe is needed today - a government initiative to regulate the proper use of facial recognition technology, informed first by a bipartisan and expert commission."

It comes after he argued earlier this year that the advances in AI would require new laws to regulate its use.

He said: "While we appreciate that some people today are calling for tech companies to make these decisions - and we recognise a clear need for our own exercise of responsibility - we believe this is an inadequate substitute for decision making by the public and its representatives in a democratic republic."

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