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Facial recognition technology has 'inherent biases'

A top Google executive has admitted that facial recognition technology has "inherent biases".

Diane Greene, who is the company's director of cloud computing, conceded that the technology does not yet have "the diversity it needs", shortly after Amazon's software was found to have wrongly identified as many as 28 members of congress as police suspects.

Speaking to the BBC, Greene acknowledged: "We need to be really careful about how we use this kind of technology.

"We're thinking really deeply. The humanistic side of AI - it doesn't have the diversity it needs and the data itself will have some inherent biases, so everybody's working to understand that."

She explained that while technology firms are all seeking to do the right thing in regards to facial recognition technology, she admitted they must also show a certain amount of caution.

Greene said: "I think everybody wants to do the right thing. I'm sure Amazon wants to do the right thing too. But it's a new technology, it's a very powerful technology."

Google's facial recognition technology has also provoked controversy in the past, including in 2015 when it identified a black couple as "gorillas" and subsequently issued an apology.

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