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China beating US in 5G race

China is beating the US in the race to build infrastructure to support 5G wireless, according to a report.

The country is said to have outspent the US by $24 bilion over the past three years, and gone on to build ten times more sites to support 5G communications.

According to the Deloitte Consulting report, China has built 350,000 new mobile phone tower sites, compared to the less then 30,000 build in the US.

Meanwhile, it also added more sites over a three month period last year than the US did in the previous three years.

The report points out that whichever nation is the first to adopt the nex generation of communications will experience "disproporrtionate gains" over "an era of untapped econoic potential".

It should be noted that it's around 35% cheaper to install the required equipment in China compared to the states.

If the latter is to compete with China, Deloitte suggests tweaking its policy to cut down deployment time, while encouraging carriers to collaborate and implementing a database of both statistics and best practices.

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