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Experts issues computer hacking warning

A computer expert has warned that the threat of hacking needs to be taken more seriously.

Nico Sell, the founder of R00tz Asylum, a non-profit dedicated to teaching kids about so-called white-hat hacking, has issued a warning about the threat of election hacking, saying it's something that needs to be monitored more closely.

Speaking to the BBC, Nico shared: "We need to take this threat really seriously.

"The US Secretary of State websites should not be this vulnerable. These are known vulnerabilities. It's something that we as a society need to gather together and fix, because our democracy is at risk."

The issue of hacking has attracted increased headlines ever since the US election in 2016, which was allegedly the subject of overseas interference.

Meanwhile, the Chinese government has recently blocked all of the BBC's web services.

The decision to block the services was taken after the corporation decided to change the BBC website's format, having altered its addresses from beginning "HTTP" to "HTTPS".

Although the change is generally considered to be more secure, it has been routinely blocked by the Chinese government.

Explaining why the change had been made, James Donohue, principal software engineer in BBC News, said: "In a climate of anxiety around fake news, it's vital that users are able to determine that articles have not been tampered with and that their browsing history is private to them.

"HTTPS achieves both of these as it makes it far more difficult for ISPs [internet service providers] to track which articles and videos you're looking at or selectively suppress individual pieces of content.

"We've seen cases outside the UK, with some of our World Service sites where foreign governments have tried to do this."

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