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Ford turns to drones to improve factory safety

Ford has turned to drones to improve safety in its Dagenham plant in the UK.

The car manufacturer has looked into the technology as a solution to finding a less risky and more efficient way to conduct its vital inspections.

In a statement, the Ford Dagenham Engine Plant's machining manager Pat Manning said: "We'd joked about having a robot do the work when there was a lightbulb moment - use drones instead.

"We used to have to scale heights of up to 50 meters to do the necessary checks on the roof and machining areas. Now we can cover the entire plant in one day and without the risk of team members having to work at dangerous heights."

Specially trained workers are now tasked with orange drones - all fitted with GoPro cameras - throughout the factory.

It has cut down on the time it takes to complete the checks too, with it now taking a matter of minutes compared to the entire day it would've taken a human.

The improvements with regards to safety and efficiency have proven to be so dramatic that the company is now looking to expand the drone use to its other facilities.

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