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Robots could replace millions of employees, says report

A new report from the World Economic Forum has suggested millions of employees could be replaced by robots.

Over recent decades, there has been an increasing acceptance that robots are set to play a more and more important role in the labour market, carrying out many of the tasks that would've previously been the responsibility of a human.

Robots will displace as many as 75 million jobs globally by 2022, according to the world-famous thinktank.

But the same body has also noted that robots could, in fact, help to create 133 million new jobs.

What's more, the World Economic Forum has suggested that robots would "vastly improve" the productivity of existing roles.

Meanwhile, in August, Ford revealed that it had turned to drones to improve safety in its Dagenham plant in the UK.

The car manufacturer has looked into the technology as a solution to finding a less risky and more efficient way to conduct its vital inspections.

Ford Dagenham Engine Plant's machining manager Pat Manning said: "We'd joked about having a robot do the work when there was a lightbulb moment - use drones instead.

"We used to have to scale heights of up to 50 metres to do the necessary checks on the roof and machining areas. Now we can cover the entire plant in one day and without the risk of team members having to work at dangerous heights."

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