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Samsung build software to control TV with brain

Samsung is developing software that allows the human brain to control a television.

The South Korean conglomerate has teamed up with EPFL to create a piece of technology that enables those who are unable to "move" freely to watch their favourite shows at ease.

Speaking during a panel at the Samsung Developer Conference, Ricardo Chavarriaga, a senior scientist at EPFL, who's working on the project with the tech giant, said: "How can we provide accessibility to people who cannot move or who have extreme limitations on their movements.

"We're making tech that is more complex, that is more intelligent, but we should not forget this tech is being made to interface with humans."

The software works by sampling how the human brain reacts when someone makes a decision over what programme or film they want to watch.

Using indicators from both the environment and scans of the brain, the software allows the person to pick shows using eye movements and brainwaves, via a headset containing 64 sensors.

The user then looks into an eye tracker whilst the head gear is connected to a computer.

From this, it's able to offer a selection of programmes or movies that the user prefers.

And Samsung and EPFL have even bigger plans to use brain signals to enable people who can't control their eyes or other body parts well to have a better viewing experience.

Ricardo told CNET: "One thing we have to take in account is everybody is different, the technology has to be tailored to each person because of variations in brains.

"We believe we have to do the best for the person, so we have to personalise."

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