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Google testing new spam protection feature

Google is rolling out a feature to fight spam text messages.

Android users have reported they are getting alerts for a new spam protection feature from Google in their Messages app, as part of a limited rollout from the tech giants to try and fight the onslaught of spam text messages received by its users.

The feature hasn't been rolled out to all phones just yet, but those who do have it are reportedly seeing a notification when launching the Messages app that announces the new setting and reads: "To help protect against spam some data about your messages, but not any content, is sent to Google."

The spam protection can be toggled on or off via the Advanced section of the Android Settings menu.

When the feature is enabled, the data Google collects from that user doesn't include the content of their messages or their phone number, according to Google's support site.

The site reads: "With spam protection enabled, some info about your messages is sent to Google without including the actual content or your phone number.

"To help identify spammers, Google temporarily stores the phone numbers of people sending and receiving messages with you and the times they messaged with you, but does not store your phone number or the content of these messages."

This contrasts spam reports manually sent to Google by users, where they do include the full message sent by the spammer.

Google added: "If you submit a spam report, we include the spammer's last 10 messages, but not your responses (if any). The spammer won't see or know about your report."

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