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Google Maps is getting a messaging feature

Google Maps is getting an instant messaging feature.

The online map website by the technology giant has begun rolling out a new feature which will let users sent instant messages to businesses that have a presence on the site, with inquiries about everything from opening times to price lists.

According to Gizmodo, the feature won't let users message their friends to let them know where they're going, but will instead be used exclusively to talk to businesses.

When a user loads Google Maps, they can click on labelled businesses and view information such as the address, phone number, and website for the company, as well as some businesses also inputting their opening times and busiest times so patrons can avoid queues.

With the new feature though, users will be able to directly message the company with whatever message they wish to send, which could pose a problem for companies when it comes to stopping spam and joke messages.

The feature is still in its test stages as of the time of writing, with a small selection of users able to access the new addition, but if it goes mainstream, it's likely that businesses will be able to turn it off in their settings if they find themselves bombarded with ridiculous requests.

Though as Gizmodo reports, the feature is a good idea for people who hate making phone calls, and need an enquiry answered more quickly than the several business days it can take to respond to an email.

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