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Amazon delivers products using robots

Amazon has been delivering products using robots.

The retail firm has been experimenting with its delivering methods using a little truck called Scout, which has been transporting goods through the streets of Washington State.

The trucks have been designed to deliver products while travelling at a walking pace, but at present, they can only operate during daylight hours and they still need to be accompanied by an Amazon employee.

In a blog post, Amazon vice-president Sean Scott explained: "We developed Amazon Scout at our research and development lab in Seattle, ensuring the devices can safely and efficiently navigate around pets, pedestrians and anything else in their path."

Meanwhile, Amazon recently revealed it accidentally exposed some of its users' names and email addresses.

The online retailer revealed details of the mishap, and explained it had fixed the problem and contacted those who could have been affected.

A spokesman said in a statement: "We have fixed the issue and informed customers who may have been impacted."

The company explained the information was shared as a result of an unfortunate technical error, and clarified that its systems and website had not been the subject of a security breach.

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