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Google Chrome to let people control music with their multimedia keys

Google Chrome will soon let users navigate videos and music with the multimedia keys on their keyboard.

The Internet browser run by Google will finally allow users to control audio and video played through the browser with their keyboard's pause and play keys, thanks to an update which is set to be released soon.

According to a reporter from ZDNet, the update will also allow users to control media from background pages as well, meaning that users with several tabs open won't have to navigate to the correct tab to turn off whatever they're listening to.

The update will also allow users to control video or audio with the "previous track," "next track," "seek backward," and "seek forward," according to ZDNet.

Chrome does already come with a host of specific keyboard shortcuts for navigating and controlling media on YouTube, but users have to have the correct tab open at the time to use them, and the shortcuts are often complicated and difficult to remember.

Google Chrome will be the first browser to allow users to do all of this, with Chrome OS, MacOS, and Windows all getting the support with the arrival of Chrome 73 next month.

According to ZDNet, Linux users will have to wait a little longer for the update, though it's not clear exactly when the release is scheduled.

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