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Amazon Alexa to be put in LA hospital

Amazon Alexa is being put to good use in a hospital in Los Angeles.

The voice assistant technology has been put into around 100 patient rooms in Cedars-Sinai hospital in Los Angeles, in order to help patients and caregivers interact more efficiently.

The rooms are fitted with Amazon Echos which run off an Alexa-powered platform called Aiva, and will allow patients to give voice commands such as "Alexa, change the channel" or "Alexa, tell my nurse I need to use the toilet."

Gizmodo reports that whilst some commands, such as turning a television on and off, Alexa can handle on its own, other more complex commends are sent directly to a caregiver's phone.

Beyond that, the technology can even determine which caregiver to send a request to, so that nurses handle any requests for painkillers, whilst a clinical partner would get bathroom requests.

According to Cedars-Sinai, requests that take a while to fulfil would then get bumped up the chain of command.

On top of the medical commands, patients will also have access to all the typical Alexa features like weather, music, and sports scores, connecting them to the outside world during their hospital stay.

Golda Morales, an assistant nurse manager at Cedars-Sinai said in a statement: "Whereas previously nurses were frequently asked to help with the in-room television, Alexa does that job for us, allowing nurses to focus on providing the highest level of patient care."

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