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Google's Digital Wellbeing initiative reveals smart home tips to declutter the mind

Google's Digital Wellbeing initiative has revealed its smart home tips to declutter the home and mind.

The initiative has teamed up with psychologist and spatial expert Helen Sanderson to give the public some advice on overcoming stress through a five stage gardening metaphor.

Helen said: "Keeping your home in order is not only beneficial to your physical space, but can also bring about a psychological change. When you realise that our mental, physical and digital spaces are all interconnected, you can create a powerful synergy to support your wellbeing, both in your space and in your mind.

"Using helpful tech such as a Google Pixel 3 phone and Google Home Hub can help to kick start the decluttering process.

"Features like Pixel's 'Flip to Shhh' prevent distractions from interrupting your thoughts, and Home Hub can help you to maintain the hard work by setting regular reminders.

"You can also listen to meditation music to help you focus on your decluttering goals."

The stages start with "preparing for gardening" which includes things like meditation and to-do lists, while the second stage - "weeding" - involves sorting through belongings and placing them in piles to keep and ditch.

"Planting" involves making sure every room and draw has "a particular purpose", and Google's Digital Wellbeing initiative noted that it Home Hub can be used to remind you where important documents or objects are kept.

The fourth stage - "maintenance" - is also said to be important, through set rules and getting into the habit of recycling items or donating them to charity shops when you buy something new.

Finally, Helen and the initiative talk about "green hoots", and how the whole process can have a positive impact.

As a final tip, it says: "Maintain the space for growth in your life by using the Google Digital Wellbeing app or other wellbeing trackers.

"This helps you to see how often you use your phone, what habits make you feel good and what you'd like to change."

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