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Amazon's head scientist things Alexa needs robot body and cameras

Amazon's head scientist says Alexa would be even smarter if it had a robot body and cameras to move around.

Rohit Prasad - who is an instrumental member of the division behind the company's personal software assistant - has said the device can only achieve its potential by being truly allowed to "explore the world".

Speaking at MIT Technology Review's EmTech Digital AI conference this week, he said: "The only way to make smart assistants really smart is to give it eyes and let it explore the world."

While there is no further information regarding potential changes to Alexa and even if Prasad's vision will become a reality, last year it was reported that Amazon was secretly working on creating a home robot.

The online retail company, which already uses robots inside its warehouses, is developing a robot that will carry out menial tasks for its customers.

Amazon's new home robot project - which is thought to have been in development for a few years - is said to be codenamed 'Vesta'.

The team is reportedly being led by Gregg Zehr, the head of Amazon's Lab126 hardware research and development unit, in Sunnyvale, California.

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