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iPhone 11 rumoured to have juicer battery

A top Apple analyst has claimed the iPhone 11 could come with a juicer battery.

Ming-Chi Kuo has claimed that Tim Cook's firm could be upgrading the power of the device by 25 per cent, which could make way for an extra four hours usage.

Apple are due to make an announcement regarding their next iPhone in September.

And although there are rumours of an iPhone 11, they haven't confirmed anything just yet.

Apple could release their first AR headset in 2020.

Kuo's latest prediction comes after he recently suggested Apple could release their first AR headset in 2020.

He told 9to5 Mac that their AR device - which has long been rumoured since 2017 - would be "heavily dependent on the iPhone".

He explained that "AR glasses will essentially act as a display only with the actual computing, rendering, Internet connectivity and location services coming from the iPhone in the user's pocket."

He also claimed it could be wirelessly paired via the Apple Watch, making it lighter wearing than rivals Microsoft HoloLens and Oculus Rift, which work through connecting to a smartphone.

But once again, there is no official word from Apple's camp yet on what there plans are for an AR device.

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