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Lyft removes faulty bikes from 3 cities

Lyft has removed thousands of electric bikes from three US cities amid safety concerns.

The transportation network company has been forced to remove around 3,000 faulty bikes from New York, Washington, and San Francisco, after riders complained that front braking was "stronger than expected".

Julie Wood from Lyft partner Citi-Bike - which operates the services in the three locations on behalf of the ride-sharing company - said: "Safety always comes first."

She added that Citi-Bike have opted to replace the faulty models with traditional pedal-powered alternatives for the time being, whilst updated electric bicycles which do not suffer the glitch are being prepared for deployment in the cities.

Julie claimed the reports had come from a "small number" of riders, who had suffered from the fault which led to brakes being jammed on sharply during some journeys.

As of the time of writing, Lyft and Citi-Bike have not announced a date for when the replacement electric bikes would be available.

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