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Google Chrome rolls out dark mode

Google Chrome is rolling out a dark version for Windows.

The Internet browser run by the hugely popular search engine and technology company first launched the dark mode of its interface for Mac systems last month, and on earlier this week, it was announced Windows and Linux systems would finally be getting the update in the coming weeks.

Dark mode switches the usual light white and grey tones of the browser to darker greys and blacks, making it easier for people who stare at screens for a long period of time, as the light is less harsh for their eyes.

Unfortunately, there is no easy way to switch between light and dark modes, as dark mode is automatically switched on when a user enables dark mode on their system, which changes everything to the darker colour pallet.

As of the time of writing, there is no way to change individual settings so Chrome is dark whilst the rest of the computer settings are light.

Dark mode for Windows 10, Mac, and Linux, will mimic the browser's Incognito mode, with changes to the colours of the new tab, the Bookmarks bar, and the options menu.

So far, dark mode does not appear to extend to Settings landing pages, which are still white when loaded.

Meanwhile, the new Chrome update also introduces security changes as well as a Lite Mode for Android that will replace its Data Saver setting.

The new update includes an Android option to "Remove animations" to reduce motion sickness, as well as an option for blocking sites from knowing you're browsing in Chrome's Incognito Mode.

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