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Facebook announce new online shopping features

Facebook has announced an online shopping feature across WhatsApp and instagram.

Mark Zuckerberg's firm unveiled their plans to rival Amazon with the addition of a platform to browse products, watch celebrity recommendations and purchase products all within three social media apps.

Messaging service WhatsApp will benefit from product catalogues, a service already trialled in India.

Whilst on Instagram, users will be able to buy products by clicking on shopping tags, which are already being used by Influencers.

Whilst Facebook Marketplace will become the place to sell and ship items.

Instagram boss Adam Mosseri explained how influencers have inspired the new features.

He said: "Maybe you look up to someone, maybe they dress well, maybe they have a similar skin tone and so the make-up that looks good on them will also look good on you. This is an area where we think we can uniquely create value."

Whilst Zuckerberg reassured users that although Facebook doesn't "exactly have the strongest reputation on privacy right now" people's payment data will be safe from "hackers, governments or even us".

Speaking at his annual conference, he said: "I want to make it as easy to send money to someone as it is to send a photo ... Overall payments and private commerce is one of the areas we're really excited about."

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