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Netflix releases high-quality audio feature

Netflix has launched a new high-quality audio feature.

The online streaming service has confirmed improved sound on the platform after 'Stranger Things' creators the Duffer brothers noticed a car chase in season two didn't sound as crisp as it had in the original studio master.

Netflix's manager of sound technology Scott Kramer said: "It didn't sound quite as defined. A little bit mushy, you might say.

"Or like maybe there's a napkin over it. Very subtle, but noticeable."

The change - which was introduced on Wednesday (01.05.19) - will mean audio comes at a higher bit rate, while it can also adapt to internet connection speed by increasing or decreasing where necessary.

Depending on whether your TV supports 5.1 (192 kbps to 620 kbps) or Dolby Atmos (448 kbps to 768 kbps), you should experience better sound and the company intends to keep developing and evolving this.

In a blog post, Netflix added: "Preserving the original creative intent of the hard-working people who make shows like 'Stranger Things' is a top priority, and we know it enhances your viewing - and listening - experience for many more moments of joy.

"Whether you've fallen into the Upside Down or you're being chased by the Demogorgon, get ready for a sound experience like never before."

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