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Google to add incognito mode to maps and search

Google plans to add an incognito mode to its search and maps apps.

The tech giants currently allow users to switch to the mode - which doesn't log history - through the Google Chrome app, but CEO Sundar Pichai has now revealed the company will soon implement a system which makes the private mode available through its other apps, including search and maps.

Pichai made the announcement as part of a flurry of privacy-related updates at this year's I/O developer conference, and showed attendees a screenshot of the function in action.

The new mode will allow users to keep their location searches a secret, so that their history is not stored by the app as it would be if they didn't use incognito mode.

So far, Pichai has only said the feature will be rolled out "soon", but it will come to search and maps at the same time.

The update comes after Google Chrome recently introduced dark mode, which was available to Mac users in March, before coming to Windows and Linux systems.

Dark mode switches the usual light white and grey tones of the browser to darker greys and blacks, making it easier for people who stare at screens for a long period of time, as the light is less harsh for their eyes.

Unfortunately, there is no easy way to switch between light and dark modes, as dark mode is automatically switched on when a user enables dark mode on their system, which changes everything to the darker colour pallet.

As of the time of writing, there is no way to change individual settings so Chrome is dark whilst the rest of the computer settings are light.

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