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Amazon 'offers $25 for body scan'

Amazon is offering people a $25 gift card in exchange for a digital 3D body scan.

The online retailer has launched an online form to let interested parties sign up for a new body scanning study carried out by Amazon Body Labs.

According to the form - spotted by Mashable - the image study will look into "diversity among body shapes", with two different locations set for the study in New York.

Participants can reportedly only take part once and have to schedule an appointment before June 30.

The sign-up form notes that data collection during the half hour session will be for internal product research rather than marketing.

It's also said that people taking part will be asked to change into "minimal form-fitting clothing", with bikinis preferred for women although form-fitting shorts and sports bra will be allowed.

Meanwhile, a report who signed up for a body scan was asked to sign a non-disclosure agreement to keep their experiences confidential.

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