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Google Lens rolls out five new filters

Google Lens is rolling out five new filters to help with shopping, dining, and translating.

The image recognition technology was launched for Android and iOS devices in October 2017, and on Tuesday (28.05.19), the tech company announced it would be launching new filters for the software to help users in subjects ranging from food to foreign languages.

The Dining filter will automatically highlight popular dishes on a menu, as well as helping to calculate the tip and split the bill when pointed at the receipt, while the Translate filter will detect a language from over 100 languages in its database, and overlay a translation on top of the words.

A new Text filter allows users to copy and paste text from real world objects, such as Wi-Fi passwords, gift card codes, and recipes, and Shopping provides similar items when the camera is pointing at clothing, furniture, or home decor, as well as barcode scanning capabilities.

The fifth new filter is Auto, which provides search results based on whatever object a user is pointing the camera at.

Earlier this month, vice president and general manager for camera and AR products at Google Aparna Chennapragada said Google were taking the Lens technology to a new level.

She said: "We're taking Google Lens and taking it from, 'Oh, it's an identification tool, what's this, show me things like this,' to an AR browser, meaning you can actually superimpose information right on the camera.

"One of the questions we had was, if we can teach the camera to read, can we use the camera to help people read? This is obviously useful in cases where you're in a foreign city and you can't speak the language, but in many parts of the world, people can't speak or read their own language."

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