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Apple's privacy focus is on 'the user' and not competition

Tim Cook says Apple's privacy focus is "the user" rather than competing with rivals.

The tech giant announced new device authentication option 'Sign in with Apple' this week, but the company's CEO has claimed it isn't meant to be a cheap shot aimed at Facebook or Google.

Speaking to CBS News, he said: "You know, we're not really taking a shot at anybody. We focus on the user.

"And the user wants the ability to go across numerous properties on the web without being under surveillance.

"We're moving privacy protections forward. And I actually think it's a very reasonable request for people to make."

Cook's comments came after Google CEO Sundar Pichai implied Apple is turning privacy into a "luxury good".

However, Cook added that a lack of privacy isn't beneficial for anyone, and that it was vital for "democracy" and "freedom of expression".

He explained: "It's not good for our country. You can imagine an environment where everyone begins to think there's no privacy. "And if there's no privacy, your freedom of expression just plummets. Because now you're going to be thinking about that everybody's gonna know every single thing you're doing.

"This is not good for our country, not good for democracy."

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