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Google Maps gets overhaul for natural disasters

Google Maps is getting an upgrade to help during a crisis or natural disaster.

The online search engine has announced plans for new features for "SOS alerts", which will expand on the basic information it already gives, which includes what's happening, emergency contact numbers and Twitter updates from relevant authorities.

However, it was revealed on Thursday (06.06.19) that users will be able to get more visual information in a range of different scenarios.

In a hurricane, you'll get the trajectory of the storm and advice on what to do next, while earthquakes will give users a graphic with the epicentre and magnitude - and a flood will suggest where the water is heading.

Meanwhile, navigation mode will also get a revamp, as Google will alert drivers if the route is affected by a disaster.

There will be an option to share your location and find out about road closures, and the company has said the new tools will be available this summer.

Google Maps is getting an overall push to make it more useful beyond simply finding destinations.

On a less serious note, the platform will also be able to highlight a restaurant's most popular dishes, and people will get to order food directly from the app.

Meanwhile, there will be a social element, including a "match score" for choosing restaurants and businesses, and a "for you" tab with tailored recommendations.

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