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Google praises Apple's 'sign in' tool

Google has praised Apple's new 'Sign in' tool.

Although the company wasn't pleased with the tech giant's apparent cheap shot at its competitors - as it stated that even free services should respect privacy - the new feature is still seen as a good idea.

Google's director of product management Mar Risher told The Verge: "There was a bunch of innuendo wrapped around the release that suggested that only one of them [the logins] is pure, and the rest of them are kind of corrupt, and obviously I don't like that."

However, Risher added that using Google or Apple's sign-on options are better than random usernames and passwords.

He said: "I honestly do think this technology will be better for the internet and will make people much, much safer."

Meanwhile, Apple's CEO has claimed the new 'Sign in with Apple' feature isn't meant to be a cheap shot aimed at Facebook or Google.

Tim Cook recently said: "You know, we're not really taking a shot at anybody. We focus on the user.

"And the user wants the ability to go across numerous properties on the web without being under surveillance.

"We're moving privacy protections forward. And I actually think it's a very reasonable request for people to make."

Cook's comments came after Google CEO Sundar Pichai implied Apple is turning privacy into a "luxury good".

However, Cook added that a lack of privacy isn't beneficial for anyone, and that it was vital for "democracy" and "freedom of expression".

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