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Amazon Music launches Song ID in UK

Amazon Music has launched Song ID in the UK.

Launched in the US earlier year, the feature enables the voice assistant Amazon Alexa to read out the artist and song title before playing a track.

Meanwhile, earlier this year it was reported the the firm is looking to compete with Apple's AirPods.

It is said the online retail giant is working on its own wireless earbuds - which would have built-in access to Alexa - in a bid to take on its rival.

According to Bloomberg, the gadgets - which would look similar to AirPods and include familiar features - could even launch later this year.

The report added that Amazon's team are working hard to create better sound quality in the company's new earbuds.

Voice commands will be used in a number of ways, with wearers able to use them to listen to music, order products, check weather forecasts and find out other information.

Meanwhile, saying "Alexa" will let users call up Amazon's own digital assistant, while the earbuds are reportedly also set to include physical controls.

These will apparently include tapping to change songs, and to answer or end calls.

It's suggested that while they won't come with celluar connectivity - meaning they'd have to be paired with your phone - their case will serve as a charger.

In terms of colour options for the device, the report said that they could come in a choice of either grey and black.

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