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Italian designer develops hi-tech bed

An Italian designer has developed a hi-tech bed that does everything with a tap on a smartphone app.

Fabio Vinella of Italian furniture brand Hi-Interiors has unveiled the HiCan, which features everything from a home theatre to privacy blinds to a reclining bed, which can be controlled using the app.

Writing on their website, they shared: "HiCan, brainchild of Italian creativity has the ability to let you dream worlds yet to be built. Anything you want to experience while enjoying the comfort of your bed it's now possible. HiCan stands for High fidelity Canopy. The high fidelity entertainment system enhanced by its unique design lets your senses astonished within a theatre of emotions, being surrounded by pure high quality sounds and images. A personal cocoon where you can relax and cultivate your passions on your own terms.

"The futuristic hi-tech design reveals countless applications and configurations that have been designed to provide owners with new bedding scenarios, not yet explored, exceeding the boundaries of traditional furniture. A new interpretation of the classic canopy to create an enveloping personal space around you and transform the traditional experience of rest in a moment of higher and authentic well being to share with the people you love."

And the HiCan smart bed can also help improve a person's health.

They added: "We have to be aware that to make better decisions on a daily basis we need to take care of ourselves, be healthier and avoid illness. HiCan expresses all its potential as a sleep and health coach. It professionally tracks your sleeping patterns, without the need to wear or use any other device, providing feedbacks and insights on how to improve the way you sleep and - as a consequence - your health and daily performance."

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