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YouTube axes messaging

YouTube is getting rid of private messaging.

The video platform's YouTube Messages feature, which allows users to send messages and videos to one another, will no longer exist by September 18.

A message in the service's help section explained:

"We're constantly reevaluating our priorities and have decided to discontinue YouTube's native direct messaging feature while we focus on improving public conversations."

It comes after YouTube announced they will stop targeted ads on videos aimed at children.

According to reports this week, officials at the firm are finalising plans to stop running adverts following an investigation from the US Federal Trade Commission regarding children's online privacy laws.

Google - which owns YouTube - is said to have reached a multimillion dollar settlement last month with the FTC after it was ruled the company improperly collected children's data and breached the Children's Online Privacy Protection Act of 1998, which regulates data collection from sites with users under 13 years old.

However, Bloomberg noted it's not clear whether YouTube has decided to end targeted ads because of the settlement, and it's not guaranteed that the plans will go ahead.

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