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Burberry launches invite-only personal messaging service

Burberry is launching a personal messaging service for their VIP customers.

The luxury British fashion house - which is synonymous with models including Kate Moss, Cara Delevingne and Suki Waterhouse - has joined forces with Apple Pay for R Message, which will be available for invitation-only to their loyal customers and is basically their own version of WhatsApp.

Mark Morris, vice president of digital commerce at Burberry, told "We can offer that luxury concierge experience with this tool.

"It has all the basic functionality of WhatsApp, but you're layering on extra elements that are specific to a luxury relationship.

"You're also doing it in an environment where you own the relationship and it's also secure in a way that it isn't within a generalist chat platform."

Burberry will reportedly pilot R Message at its flagship store in Manchester, before launching the service worldwide.

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