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Google Assistant teams up with Tile for tracking

The Google Assistant will soon be able to help owners find their lost keys.

Google has teamed up Tile - the Bluetooth tracking firm - for the new feature which will launch "later this year" and works via their voice-activated technology.

The Google Home speaker will be able to "connect directly with and ring lost items, for a faster and more reliable result", according to Tile.

Previously, the command "OK Google, ask Tile to find my keys" would be required to begin the search.

But the new update will mean a simple, "Hey Google, find my keys", will make the Tile attached to keys to ring for quicker locating.

Meanwhile, it was recently revealed Natwest are trialling a service to enable customers check their bank balance using their voice.

The British bank have teamed up with Google to test the use of their Google Home voice assistant to tell them their balance and detail customers' recent spending.

Natwest said: "We are exploring voice banking for the first time and think it could mark the beginning of a major change to how customers manage their finances in the same way mobile banking made a huge impact.

"This technology will make it easier for people to bank with us and could bring particular benefits to those who have a disability as voice banking eliminates the need for customers to use a screen or keyboard.

"This is one of a number of services that the bank is aiming to develop this year that uses cutting edge, innovative technology to better serve our customers."

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