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Google makes it easier to check password compromising

Google is making it easer for people to check if their passwords have been compromised.

They already have a password manager that syncs across Chrome and Android and now the firm is adding a Password Checkup tool.

Now login details will be checked against those that have been compromised.

Google already had this available as an extensions but now it's going to be able to be access from Google account.

They will contact people advising them to change their password should they find anything suspicious.

In a crack down against data breach, the company recently replaced passwords for 1.7 billion Android users.

The tech giant already has autofill for login details and but the made it even easier by removing passwords altogether.

Now Android customers can "verify your identity by using your fingerprint or screen lock" on all Pixel smartphones.

In a blog post, they said: "Passwords, combined with Google's automated protections, help secure billions of users around the world.

"But, new security technologies are surpassing passwords in terms of both strength and convenience.

"With this in mind, we are happy to announce that you can verify your identity by using your fingerprint or screen lock instead of a password when visiting certain Google services.

"The feature is available today on Pixel devices and coming to all Android 7+ devices over the next few days."

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