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YouTube gives desktop users more control with new updates

YouTube is giving desktop users more control.

Google's huge video service is letting people take charge of the wheel steering what the platform plays next, along with a homepage redesign for web browsers and tablet apps.

For the desktop, viewers are getting to control choices which have traditionally just been made by the site's recommendation algorithm.

It's a huge part of how YouTube keeps users on the site by sending them down a rabbit hole of videos. However, the new 'add to queue' feature on desktop web browsers will allow viewers to line up "a handful" of videos to play next.

The autoplay feature is usually programmed by YouTube's AI, and last year it was revealed more 70% of time spent watching clips on the site was driven by these recommendations.

It should be noted that the queue won't save once you cloe your browser, but you can add to it without interrupting the video you're currently watching.

To save a queue, YouTube has explained that you should add a video to your 'watch later playlist'.

In terms of the redesign, the thumbnails are bigger, with the layout showing more videos on the larger screens.

Videos will also have longer titles and higher-res previews, while small channel icons should make it easier to note the source or creator.

In the future, YouTube will let users refine their own homepage through favourite topics and customisation options.

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