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Nextdoor helps neighbourhoods talk and support in coronavirus crisis

Nextdoor - a neighbourhood hub app - have launched new sections to help people provide aid to their neighbours during the coronavirus.

A number of people across the world have been asked to remain in their homes as the virus takes over the world and now the handy app has installed new sections to help with the "organisation of local help groups" as well as an option to allow people to mark themselves as needing help from others.

In their blog post, they shared: "We heard you. We're right there with you. A crucial connector of neighbours as we face the unknown, Nextdoor Groups will continue helping you stay engaged even while social distancing. Members will see prompts on Nextdoor, encouraging them to turn active conversation threads into groups. This tool makes it easier than ever to bring your local community together, safely, with a click of a button ... With neighbours around the world raising their hands to offer similar support, the Help Map creates a screenshot of your neighbourhood and its resources. Members can add themselves to the map detailing the errands or support they can help elderly and at risk neighbours with."

The company were inspired to add these new features as a result of the kindness shown online.

They added: "It feels important to underline that the new features we're launching today are inspired by the outpouring of kindness we've seen on the platform, across the world, in the light of a global pandemic. As we isolate ourselves at home to protect our health and our neighbours, we still need each other. Nextdoor will be here to help you stay connected to your neighbours, to help, to support, and to make positive change."

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