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Google to reduce Nest camera quality to help with network strain

Google is to reduce the quality of Nest cameras to help with bandwidth demand.

During the coronavirus pandemic everyone is using the device and unfortunately that has put a lot of strain on the network, so Google are working on ways to make sure that those "learning and working" can stay in contact.

A spokesperson for the firm told TechCrunch: "To answer the global call to prioritise internet bandwidth for learning and working, in the next few days we're going to be making a few changes.

"We believe these changes have the potential to help make it easier for communities to keep up with school, work, and everything in between."

Users will see the video settings revert to Default, though they can switch back to the higher quality as and when they like.

The likes of Disney+, YouTube, Netflix, and Apple TV+ all cut back on streaming data last month as a result of the pandemic.

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