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Snapchat study about Covid-19 reveals teenagers education fears

A study by Snapchat has found that 65% of British teenagers aged between 13 and 17 are concerned about how coronavirus will impact their education.

The team behind the video platform carried out the research to find out what aspects of the global pandemic are worrying the nation with Natasha Devon MBE, a trustee for Student Minds, who run wellbeing programmes at British universities.

The study also found that 29 per cent of those aged between 21 and 24 are anxious about employment, 48 per cent of 25-34 year olds are concerned about impacts to their finances, and 52% of those aged 35+ are concerned about their own health.

They also learnt that 72 per cent of Snapchat users are turning to friends and family for relief.

As a result of the findings, Devon is offering tips on how to deal with and manage anxiety and stress during the health crisis.

She commented: "It's important to recognise that the fear and stress reported in these stats is a completely understandable and normal reaction to a highly unusual set of circumstances.

"That we are seeing high levels of anxiety, particularly in young people, does not indicate that there is something wrong with them - In fact, quite the opposite. The key is to acknowledge that inevitable stress & anxiety during this time is having an impact on us, both emotionally and physically, and to plan specific strategies for self-care, as well as seeking support if needed."

Devon added that whilst 49 per cent said they feel better when they know all the up-to-date information on the virus, she warned of how important it is to go to "trusted sources" of news to "avoid becoming overwhelmed".

She added: "It's important that we are selective with what we are engaging with online, particularly when it comes to the news. Our news sources should be trusted and evidence based and we should limit our consumption to avoid becoming overwhelmed."

Other tips she has include being kind to others, being creative and doing exercise and avoid thinking "what if?".

Snapchat are also doing their bit to help.

Ed Couchman, Snapchat's UK GM, said: "Snapchat has always been a platform for connecting with your friends, and from this data, we know that our role is more crucial than ever.

"While we have always had a curated news platform, at this time we are highlighting information from trusted partners on the pandemic, through news on Discover, and creative tools in partnership with the World Health Organisation.

"We have also expedited the launch of Here For You to help with tools, advice and access to partners if Snapchatters need more help dealing with anxiety and stress caused by the pandemic."

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