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Deezer's new AI software picks out explicit lyrics

Deezer are working on artificial intelligence to help them detect explicit lyrics in songs.

Manuel Moussallam, head of research and development at Deezer, has shared the new software that is being worked on to improve the categorisation of music.

In a blog post, he shared: "At Deezer, we give our partners, music providers and labels the possibility to mark the song they deliver to us as being explicit. Then users have the possibility to filter content based on this label. In this process, we just implement a user defined rule, based on the metadata we get. We do not intend to intervene in this process or to make decisions in place of either partners or our customers.

"One could nonetheless use our work to build a system to assist humans in their labelling tasks. With our approach, we can not only detect the presence of explicit keywords but also know where they occur in the song. We could, therefore, highlight some parts of the audio to an annotator to facilitate his task. In a broader perspective, our goal is to gain knowledge on millions of songs and leverage that to improve the Deezer product. This research is another stone in this building."

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