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Amazon launches its first big-budget video game

Amazon has launched its first big-budget video game.

The technology giant is trying to make a big splash in the gaming industry with the release of 'Crucible', which is the company's first big-budget game since Amazon Game Studios was created back in 2012.

According to Wedbush analyst Michael Pachter, Amazon is seeking to enter games distribution "in the same way that they got into books and music".

And Pachter believes that 'Crucible' could ultimately be seen as the first, important step in the company's long-term ambitions in the gaming sector.

He told CNBC: "If they go further into games, it makes sense that they will offer a streaming service, and they probably want 'exclusive' games for that service."

Pachter also thinks that regardless of whether or not 'Crucible' is a success, Amazon will continue to invest in the sector.

He said: "Games is a hard business, so it makes sense that it takes a while to develop a hit and [it] makes sense that they will tweak their model and headcount as they evolve.

"If they can't compete with 'Crucible', they'll try with 'New World'. If that doesn't work, they'll try again."

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