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Google to replace Google Home with new Nest smart speaker?

Google is replacing Google Home with a new Nest smart speaker.

As per 9to5 Google, the new voice assistant is codenamed 'Prince' and it will be used with the Nest Mini, Nest hub and Google Home Max.

It will simply be a much juicer speaker, with a source telling the site that it will "be in a similar vein to the Sonos One".

It's not currently known when Google is looking to release the new product.

Reports of the new speaker come after Google filed a countersuit against Sonos alleging the wireless speaker company infringed on five of its patents.

The tech giant's complaint follows a lawsuit filed by Sonos in January, which claims the search engine firm stole its tech when they collaborated to ensure Google's music worked with its speakers.

Now, the company has responded with its own allegations regarding patents related to search features for music libraries, noise cancellation, wireless connectivity, and more.

In the lawsuit - which was filed in a federal court in San Francisco - Google said: "Sonos is actively infringing Google's intellectual property.

"Sonos has no license to use Google's patents.

"Because Sonos refuses to cease its infringement, and is unwilling to recognize the value of Google's technology through a license, Google has filed this suit to protect its intellectual property."

Sonos CEO Patrick Spence then hit out at Google for its countersuit.

In a statement, he commented: "Instead of simply addressing the merits of our case, and paying us what we're owed, Google has chosen to use their size and breadth to try and find areas in which they can retaliate. We look forward to winning our original case, and this newly filed case as well."

Meanwhile, Google insisted it "rarely" goes against companies for infringing patents, but felt the need to do so this time.

Spokesman Jose Castaneda said: "We are disappointed that Sonos has made false claims about our work together and technology.

"We are reluctantly defending ourselves by asserting our patent rights."

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