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Music is best travel companion

Over three quarters of people see music as a great companion for travel.

A new study, as part of The Pandora Traveler Mindset, has revealed that 77 per cent of people consider music or podcasts, for example, as a great addition to their travel experience. A further three quarters (73 per cent) of those surveyed also revealed their travel experience has been improved as a result of music.

Two thirds (66 per cent) of those surveyed considered music as a way to set a vibe for their experience whilst a similar amount (67 per cent) revealed music was a way to relieve their feelings of stress and anxiety.

Laura Fernandez, the head of Travel and Tourism advertising business for SiriusXM and its brands Pandora, SoundCloud and Stitcher, said: "What we found is, music and travel definitely go hand in hand. But we found that 77 percent of our listeners find music and other audio content … are considered to be a great travel companion. Seventy-three percent of our listeners find music to improve their overall travel experience. Sixty-six percent of listeners think music sets the mood and vibe for their leisure trip. Sixty-seven percent of our Pandora listeners find music to be a stress anxiety reliever."

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