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Older people plan to travel within six months of being vaccinated

Older people plan to travel within six months of being vaccinated.

A new study by Silver Travel Advisor has revealed that 77 per cent of those aged over 50 want to book travel within six months of getting a vaccination whilst 86 per cent also admitted they would be spending much more on travel this year having missed it in 2020.

And there would be a huge uptake for the vaccine from those surveyed, with 94 per cent insisting they would have taken the vaccine as soon as it was offered by the NHS.

Silver Travel Advisor managing director, Debbie Marshall, said: "We are really pleased to see from the survey that the COVID-19 vaccine is creating confidence among 50-plus market to plan and book future travel, both in the UK and abroad. As a result of the coronavirus pandemic, even the savviest silver traveller may be more hesitant when it comes to travel and now more than ever, it’s clear that the advice and reassurance a travel agent can bring is invaluable. Through our partnership with Advantage, their members have exclusive access to the Silver Travel Advisor accreditation training which will help agents understand the mature market and the different segments. Upon completion of the course, accredited agents will be featured on the Silver Travel Advisor website, which is a great opportunity for agents to promote their services and grow its customer base."

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