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Disney World expert reveals 'biggest tip' for visitors

Disney World expert reveals 'biggest tip' for visitors

A Disney World expert has begged tourists to "be nice" to employees.

Carlye Wisel is a theme park journalist and host of the 'Very Amusing' podcast and shared some of her biggest tips for those visiting the resort - known as The Happiest Place on Earth - in Florida.

She told People: "Be nice to cast members! Disney employees work so hard to ensure guests have spectacular vacations, and all too often, frustrations can spill over onto attractions, hotel, park and guest relations workers.

"Theme park employees really bring these parks to life and add so much joy into each day, and being friendly towards them can really brighten your day — and theirs."

Meanwhile, Carly also spoke about the "hot issue" of filming whilst aboard a ride but insisted that she sees "nothing wrong" with it and encouraged visitors to do so.

She said: "Using your phone to film on rides tends to be a hot button issue, but I actually see no problem with it. Between Genie+, Lightning Lanes and Virtual Queues, you're likely going to be on your phone most of the day at Disney World anyway, so it would be strange to expect someone to put their device away once they're experiencing the incredible rides and attractions Disney has to offer."

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