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Travel blogger ranks airlines for plus-size flyers

Travel blogger ranks airlines for plus-size flyers

A travel blogger has ranked a number of airlines from best to worst for plus-size flyers.

Becky Price - who has more than 18,500 followers on TikTok - is a UK size 20-22 and she has given her verdict on Ryanair, EasyJet, British Airways and Tui - marking each company on their experiences for plus-size passengers and paying attention to details such as seat size, accessibility and leg room as well as the width of the aisle, size of the toilet cubicles and even the helpfulness of staff.

She told "I'm a plus-size girl and I make no secret of that. Lots of plus-size people are frightened of flying due to the space available and whether they would fit.

"They can fly, and will also make wonderful memories abroad, but I wish airlines would improve on the space available. This affects everyone whether you're tall, or wide."

Becky gave top marks to British Airways - awarding them 4.5/5 overall following her flight with them from the UK to Cancun, Mexico. She pointed out the seat size was "small" but she didn't require a seatbelt extended even though these were available.

Despite the small seat size, she gave BA credit for the size of the aisle and the toilet and the extras such as a seatback TV and a blanket.

TUI and EasyJet both got 4/5 on flights from the UK to Ibiza and Rhodes respectively with Becky giving Tui credit for comfort and seat size, and praising EasyJet's "comfy seat" and "happy and helpful" staff.

Ryanair came in last on the list with a score of 2.5/5 with Becky declaring her flight from the UK to Tenerife was "awful" because the plane was "unbearably hot" and she also needed a seatbelt extender "for the very first time in my life".

Becky explained she hadn't needed an extender on a previous flight with the same airline, but she did this time. She added: "It would be great if there was an option when booking so you could automatically order your extension belt - some passengers are embarrassed by this.

"But, girls, please don't be embarrassed or ashamed to ask for a seatbelt extender, there's absolutely no shame in it at all."

She marked the airline down on seat size, width of the aisle and legroom, but gave Ryanair 4/5 for accessibility and service.

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