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Travellers like online peer reviews

Most holidaymakers look for peer reviews before deciding where to travel to.

Websites like Trip Advisor - where people can post their reviews of a hotel they've stayed at, a tourist attraction they have visited or a restaurant they've ate at - have seen a huge jump in traffic in recent years, with 40 per cent of holidaymakers turning to that site. More generally, a total of 69 per cent of people use online review sites.

STR's Consumer Travel Insights 2019 report also revealed that online travel agencies are becoming increasingly popular too, with over half (55 per cent) of those surveyed liking how easy it was to compare different options whilst 29 per cent went down that route because they felt it offered them the best prices.

Budget was very important for travellers, particularly millennials, with 77 per cent of those surveyed from that age bracket saying they took value for money into consideration when booking. Over half (52 per cent) set a budget for their holiday and more than half of those people (29 per cent) admitted to going over it.

Sean Morgan, director of research at Smith Travel Research (STR), said: "We are very excited to launch our latest Consumer Travel Insights report series. The rapid advent of new technologies and the continuous shifting of consumer perceptions pose both opportunities and challenges for the travel and tourism sector. Be it examining the role of exchange rates on holiday choices or the usage of OTAs or views on over-tourism, this compact reports series identifies key traveller trends and provides actionable intelligence for tourism professionals."

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