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Hotels are making technology investments

Hotels are making investments in technology.

A study has found that a number of chain hotels are making large investments into smartphone apps and associative technologies.

Hotel chains are nearly twice as likely than their smaller and independent counterparts to invest in technology, whilst the independent hotels will prioritise room renovations by one and a half times.

Ait Voncke, Expedia Group SVP, said in a statement: "We're witnessing chain hotels place significant investments in technology, which opens the potential for a greater divide between properties that are not able to match those investments. Technology has the power to level the playing field for hoteliers of all sizes."

Meanwhile, a previous study revealed travel bookings take much longer now despite technology innovation.

And with the rise of digital, there are now more travel websites and booking sites than ever and over half (50.15 per cent) of consumers decide to visit more sites than they did five years ago.

Mark Murray, Head of Travel at Yieldify, said: "The results of the study really confirm the trends that we've seen amongst many of our travel clients over the last year: as research and booking options proliferate, there's a need to shift toward personalisation strategies that improve the customer journey, making it easier for consumers to discover and purchase the right travel products."

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