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Dr. Jane Goodall has urged people to travel sustainably in the future

Dr. Jane Goodall has urged people to travel sustainably in the future.

The 86-year-old primatologist and anthropologist - who is widely regarded as the world's foremost expert on chimpanzees - has called for people to be more socially conscious when they travel in the future following the coronavirus crisis.

She shared: "People need to realise that every single day, they make some difference in the world. Start thinking about the consequences of the little choices: what we buy, eat, and wear. Where did these things come from? Did they harm the environment? Did it result in cruelty to animals? Is it cheap because of people getting a wage that barely allows them to live? We have to alleviate poverty, so that all people can make those same ethical choices. If you're really poor, you're going to cut down the last tree to try and grow food for your family. For the same reason, you'll fish the last fish."

And Jane admits she doesn't find travelling "fun" anymore.

Speaking to Conde Nast Traveller, she added: "I haven't traveled outside of work trips for maybe 50 years. I hate traveling. Most people travel to go on holiday so they love it, right? I travel 300 days a year, but I'm going somewhere to work very hard. Especially now, with security, the chaos of airports, and delayed flights, and people poking you to see if you've got concealed firearms or drugs - what fun can there be in that? ... My first trip to Africa was by boat in 1957. There was very little flying back then, and it took nearly a month because the Suez Canal was closed because of a war between Britain and Egypt. We went all the way around the Cape [of Good Hope] and up to Mombasa, and that was glorious. I mean, that was when traveling was fun."

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