Email large files using GMX

Email large files for free with attachments up to 50MB

  • Spam and malware detection for incoming attachments

  • View, edit and save attachments in your mailbox
  • Send and receive attachments up to 50MB
Email attachments

Email attachments with GMX

Have you ever wanted to know how to email big files without getting an error message? With GMX, we allow our users to send large files of up to 50MB – a far bigger file size than many other providers. Whether you need to send a high-res image, an audio file, or a movie clip, we make it a piece of cake to send large files by email for free!

How to email large files as 50MB attachments

In our personal and professional lives, there will always come a time when we have to email big files for one reason or another. However, the issue is that most email providers cap the limit at around 25MB – which just isn’t enough! When you want to send all your holiday pictures to your family and friends, a video of your child's first steps to your grandparents, or even an eBook or musical project to a client, then it's only fair that this large media can fit in one email.

When you can send large files by email for free, then there's no need for complicated procedures involving compressing and attaching ZIP files, or even limiting files so that you can fit everything in a single email. We understand that users just want a simple and free process to attach large files to an email and go on with the rest of their day. The 50MB attachment limit is generous and completely for free, so the next time you have to send a big file or multiple small files, then send it with GMX.

Feel free to send the following file types in an email attachment:

  • Video files such as MP4, AVI, WMV
  • Audio files such as MP3, WAV, AAC
  • Image files such as TIFF, JPEG, RAW, PNG
  • eBook files such as PDF, EPUB
  • Excel, Word, PowerPoint documents
  • And many more!

Spam filters and security

GMX takes the safety and security of our users very seriously, which is why our spam filter and antivirus features have strict measures with regards to incoming and outgoing emails. When you receive big files via email, GMX will detect any malicious viruses or malware and deal with them, protecting your inbox from infection. Plus, the spam filter will also keep your inbox nice and clean, free of pesky junk mail! You and your correspondence partners also have the power to ‘whitelist’ each other’s addresses, so you can continue to email large files uninhibited with trusted individuals.

How to attach large files to an email

After you’ve already set up your free GMX email account, it's time to start sending some emails! Adding an email attachment couldn’t be any easier. Once you've finished composing the email and added subject and recipient, click 'Add Attachments' in the bottom left-hand corner of the browser. From there, you'll have two options for emailing big files: 'Add attachment from hard drive' or 'Add attachment from Cloud'. Double click the file you want to add and GMX will handle the rest!

Our GMX Cloud is a highly useful storage option if you often work on the go and from different devices since it can hold up to 2GB of photos, music, videos, or documents. It’s another way to email large files for free: share a link from your GMX Cloud and send it in an email message instead. This is really useful if the attachment exceeds 50MB (equivalent to roughly 15 CD-quality songs or four high-resolution photographer-quality images).

Save, open, or view when receiving attachments

When using GMX, it’s incredibly simple to open or save received attachments. You’ll have the option to open or save the attachment on your hard drive, but also the possibility to save it in your cloud to have it backed up there. Simply click the attachment icon displayed under the subject line and decide which option you prefer. Don’t forget that attachments are checked thoroughly by GMX for viruses and malware.

When a contact attaches a large file to an email, the way you view the attachment will vary slightly depending on the file type. Spreadsheets, presentations, and text documents will open via the free Online Office feature, while images and PDFs can be viewed directly within your GMX mailbox. Get your account set up today and enjoy all the benefits of sending large files by email for free!

Our GMX tips for even more efficiency with email attachments

Tip 1: Preview an attachment before doing anything else

Before making any decisions about the attachment you have received, make sure that you preview whatever's attached to the email: take a good look before deciding to save the file (or not!). You may decide just to keep the message with its attachment.

Tip 2: Send big attachments by sharing a link

Are you sending multiple files or photos via email? It's not ideal to send them as email attachments. Recipients may not have sufficient mail storage: your email could even bounce back. We recommend sending a shared link to the photos, files and/or documents you want to send via your GMX Cloud.

Not sure how to share files with a link? Read on.
Imagine that you want to send presentations and photos of a wedding. Is it possible to include all this in an email without sending multiple attachments?

  1. Yes! Just create a new folder, entitled 'wedding', in your GMX Cloud.
  2. Copy the presentations and photos you want to send into this folder.
  3. You'll find the 'Share' button above the folder; click on it.
  4. This will automatically create a shared link for this folder which you can then copy and paste into an email.
  5. Any recipient will be able to click on the link and access all the files in the Wedding folder.

Good to know: if you want to, you can limit the time availability of any links you create; you can also decide whether or not to allow recipients to add and delete files. In fact, you can even add further protection to your shared link by creating a PIN.

Tip 3: How to handle emails with attachments which never arrive

It's an all too common situation: you send an email with multiple file attachments but it's not delivered. This often happens because the recipient doesn‘t have enough inbox storage for multiple attachments. There's no need to worry! You will be notified with a message from 'mailer-daemon@...' if your email cannot be delivered.

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