GMX email storage

Manage your email space quickly and easily

  • Up to 65 GB of storage space for your emails

  • Smart tools for a regular clean-up
  • Custom settings for easy mail storage management
Email Storage

Simplify email organisation and storage

How can I free up email storage?

Since its introduction, emailing has become a fast and efficient communication tool that anyone can use – but with one catch. With some providers, there’s usually an email storage limit and you have to start deleting much of your inbox in order to get more space. This thankfully isn’t the case with GMX because our email storage goes up to 65 GB, which equates to roughly 500,000 emails! Nevertheless, for users who’ve had an account with GMX for several years, the time could still feel right for a bit of spring-cleaning and a fresh start. With our smart and secure options for email storage capacity, you can begin to free up some space and get your inbox in order.

GMX provides several tools you can use to help clean up your inbox to gain more email storage space. Start deleting emails you no longer want and keep the ones you still need by using the helpful filter function. Sort by sender, date, subject, and content. Make use of the Mail Collector feature, too, which can merge different email accounts into one central location. You don’t have to wait to be close to the 65 GB email storage limit, however, as cleaning up your inbox is a good idea at any time!

How to check your available email storage

If you’re interested in knowing exactly how much email space you currently have, just follow these simple steps:

  • Start by logging in to your GMX account
  • Select 'Email Settings', located on the left sidebar menu. Sticking to the left sidebar menu, click 'Folder Overview' underneath the 'Folder' heading.
  • When on this page, you can view the total email storage capacity used in your account. Furthermore, you can check the storage of individual folders, such as Drafts, Sent, Spam, Trash, and Inbox.

How to increase email space easily

GMX offers plenty of features and tools to help you begin tidying up your inbox to create more room for new emails. To free up email storage, start by clicking the 'Email' tab located in the top menu bar, after which you’ll find all the individual email folders in the left sidebar. Select the wrench icon on each folder separately and a message will ask if you’d like to completely remove all the emails from that particular folder. You can perform this action by selecting 'Empty Folder'. Here, you can also decide how long the storage time limits should be and how many emails you’d like to see per page. It’s worth noting that 'unlimited' is the default storage time limit for every folder other than Spam.

Once you’ve deleted all the emails you no longer want and you’ve emptied individual folders, you can free up your email storage by emptying the Trash folder to permanently delete emails. Feel free to view your email storage limit once again to see just how much space you’ve now gained.

Don’t forget that the GMX spam filter will automatically move unwanted emails directly to the spam folder and keep them there for a maximum of 30 days. After this time limit, the emails will be permanently deleted. To really take control of your email storage capacity, you can begin setting up filter rules, which allow you to make rules for incoming emails to go directly to a certain folder. Consider the following storage tips to save email space:

  • Adjust the storage time from unlimited to 30 days to ensure unwanted emails are gone for good
  • Clear storage space by always moving emails you no longer want directly to the Trash
  • Make use of filter rules to ensure emails from unwanted senders are sent to the Spam or Trash folders

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