Email filter rules

Keep your inbox organised

  • Automatic inbox clean-up

  • Sort emails into different folders
  • Custom or template filter rules
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Effortlessly manage your emails with GMX

Do you want to find an easy and customisable way to clean up your email inbox? With GMX’s email filter rules, you never need to worry about manually sorting through your mail. Set filters to block spam from your primary inbox or direct mail from your top senders to their own folder; the options are endless, since you can create or adjust filter rules to your needs!

What does the email filter rules function offer me?

Email filter rules are a smart, easy and instant way to keep your inbox organised. These rules can help to ensure that all of your incoming mails are assessed and categorised appropriately, meaning your primary inbox is not bogged down with spam or large volumes of mail from prolific senders. For instance, you can set up a folder called ‘Family’ and create a rule to filter your emails from family members and direct them to this folder. This then makes it quick and easy to sort emails automatically and locate specific mails when you need to.

Equally, spam filter rules are an excellent way of preventing junk mail from clogging up your mailbox: not only can large volumes of spam take up precious email storage space but they can potentially carry harmful viruses and other security threats. With GMX, you can activate, deactivate or customise these filters at any time: this means it has never been easier to try them out and see how they can help you clean up your inbox.

What filter rules can I use?

There are a number of different frequently used pre-set email filter rules incorporated with your GMX account. These include:

  • Moving emails from a specific sender
  • Moving emails with a particular subject
  • Forwarding emails to a different account

These defined rules simply need to be activated by entering the email addresses or subject terms you want to filter by and they will start working immediately.

Should you ever wish to stop using GMX’s filtering function, the rules can be deactivated at the click of a button. Feel free to visit our Support page for any more questions regarding filters.

Can I create my own rules?

Should these pre-set rules not meet your needs and you wish to create your own custom rules, you are able to set this up, too.
When you create filter rules, you can define them to be as complex or simple as you like. The two components of a rule consist of a condition trigger and a response: you can create combinations of triggers and responses, in which just some or all of the condition criteria must be met in order to have a certain outcome. When you save a custom email filter rule, the system will run a check to make sure the newly defined terms makes sense; we always recommend you test your rule out as well to ensure it performs the way you hope.

How do I find and set up email filter rules within my account?

To find the frequently used filter rules that have been pre-defined in your GMX account, click ‘E-mail’ at the top of your screen and navigate to ‘Settings’. From here, under the ‘Folder’ heading select ‘Filter Rules’ and you will be taken to the overview of all quick-setup and custom rules options. From here you simply need to enter your desired condition into the ‘If’ field and your desired outcome into the 'Then' field to complete the process. Finally, confirm your new email filter rule by clicking the 'Create Filter Rule' button.

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