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GMX email storage

Simplify email organisation and storage

GMX email storage offers you space for half a million emails. That’s 65 GB of space, so there’s no need to do a complete overhaul of your inbox. Still, half a million messages is a lot to hold on to; if you’re looking to clear out the clutter, GMX has the tools you need to get organised. Through customisable filters you can sort and automatically delete emails by subject, sender, date, and even content. Whether you’re looking to do a bit of spring cleaning, or just want to maintain an organised inbox, GMX email storage is the solution. 

Can I check the amount of email storage space I’ve used?

Maybe you’ve neglected your inbox for a little too long (still hanging on to emails from 2002?) and want to check how much space you have left for new messages. GMX email puts you in charge. You can check your email storage space any time you want:

  • Go to GMX email and Login to your email account.
  • From the menu choose Settings then click Folder Overview.
  • Check under Total to see how many emails you currently have stored and the storage space you have left.

How can I manage my emails and make more space?

With customisable filters and tools, GMX allows you to automatically clear out unwanted emails and make room for the messages you want.

If you don’t need to do a deep clean, you can simply delete unwanted emails and empty your trash to make more space. But if you’d like to make a bigger impact, use the “empty folder” option which allows you to clear complete folders in a couple of quick moves. To eliminate all of the messages in folders filled with junk (think your Spam folder for example), click on the wrench icon next to that folder from your inbox. Next, click “empty folder” to delete all of the unwanted emails. Simply empty your trash to complete the clean up. The space you have available will be recalculated and you’ll see your new storage space.

GMX default time limit settings help keep your inbox organised automatically; customisable settings make sure you can choose the emails you want to keep and the amount of time you want to keep them. GMX default storage time limit for Spam folders is 30 days. After those 30 days, Spam is eliminated automatically, keeping things nice and tidy for you.

You can easily change these default settings or apply custom storage time limits to any of the folders in your inbox. Simply choose the amount of time you would like to keep emails in each folder (you can choose any amount of time, from one day to forever). Once that time limit has been met, GMX will automatically move the messages in that folder to the Trash. You will then have the option to review messages, or to eliminate them permanently after a set amount of time.

Some other space saving and organisational tools with GMX email include:

  • Automatic deletion of emails after a set period of time (without moving them to the Trash folder first).
  • Automatic permanent elimination of emails from the Trash folder after a set period of time.
  • Filters to send emails from specific senders directly to your Spam or Trash folder.
  • Filters to permanently delete emails from specific senders as soon as you receive them.

Easy email storage

GMX email storage is designed to allow you the space you need to keep the emails that are important to you, the security to know those messages are safe, and the tools to manage your messages and stay organised. GMX email storage is smart and easy. Learn how to create an email account with GMX here.

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