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Dillian Whyte targeting revenge against Alexander Povetkin

Dillian Whyte has vowed to get revenge on Alexander Povetkin.

The British fighter faces a defining moment in his career tonight (27.03.21) as looks to beat the Russian heavyweight in a rematch.

Whyte lost to Povetkin last August but is confident that he will win the rematch and keep his world title dreams alive.

The heavyweight contender said: "This time I’ll beat him, and we’ll see what people are going to say. One, two or three losses mean nothing to a heavyweight nowadays. If you fight good fighters, the main thing is you can come back. This is a must-win fight for me, but I’m not a guy that worries about pressure. I just smile and take it in my stride."

Whyte regretted not seeing off Povetkin in the last fight and is determined not to make the sam mistake the second time around.

He said: "I was a fighter a long time before I was a boxer. I’ve been knocking people out for a long time. I carry a lot of power in both hands. Povetkin is a very cagey guy and an experienced guy, a very patient guy. He’s a tough guy as well. Last time I didn’t land properly and he went down, but he showed resilience by getting up and then he stopped me. This time when I hit him he’ll stay down."

Whyte also believes that adapting to the circumstances will be key in deciding whether he wins the fight.

He explained: "It’s a fight man. You don’t know how you’re going to feel on the day. You don’t know what’s going to happen and you don’t know how the other guy is going to come. As long as I’m able to adapt on the day, that’s all that matters."

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